Base races

Goblin Allows you to Breed with other goblins to create baby goblins
Ghoul Allows you to Feed on corpses to temporarily gain special abilities
Elf Elves are proficent in foraging in the forest for good, and can see in the dark.
Human Humans take one less credit to multiclass in other classes, making them excellent multiclassers
Minotaur Minotaurs are huge and can deal extra damage with their gore.
Merfolk Merfolk are natural swimmers and can fish in the sea.
Dwarf Dwarfs can repair weapons to a extent
Faerie Faeries are tiny and have a greater mana regen then other races.
Imp Imps are tiny, have a huge, poisoned stinger and an uncanny knack for taunting their foes into a blind rage.
Atog Atogs are tiny monsters with an insatiable appetite for finding and munching on artifacts.

First tier races Edit

Phantasm Phantasms are invisible beings who can see other invisible creatures
Guardian Guardians can cast a spell which locks them into place giving them a fighting edge, but are unable to flee while in this position
Cat Warrior Cat warriors have excellent reflexes and can pounce onto enemies from a room away
Werewolf Werewolves can regen their health quite rapidly and cause extra damage with their claws, but metal weapons are effective against them
Viashino Viashino's are iguana like creatures who are agile and have the ability to retreat from combat
Gnome Gnomes can build nanomes, which can heal and aid the gnome in combat, they can sense buried items.

Second tier races Edit

Angel A race of the holiest of creatures, Angels can wreak immense damage upon evildoers, but refuse to fight the forces of good
Djinn A race of genies with extraordinarily strong magical power, djinns have the ability to regenerate mana far faster than any normal spellcaster.
Treefolk A race of intelligent trees, treefolk are closely connected to their inanimate kin, having the ability to call plantlife to entangle foes, harden their skin into bark, and sprout and prune themselves.
Vampire An ancient, evil race, Vampires move only at night, and have strange powers that require the use of blood drained from their enthralled victims.
Golem A race of doughty mechanical warriors, initially crafted to defend cities before the Brothers' War, Golems are controlled by nanomes, similar to those inside Gnomes.
Troll A race of huge humanoids, equipped with vicious, unclean claws and incredibly quick health regeneration.