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Druid Druids are protectors of nature and the forests. They have the ability to commune with animals, enhance plant growth and gain energy from the energies of life present in all creatures.
Hunter Hunters move almost invisibly through the wilderness tracking prey and are the only class to have a decent amount of skill with a missile weapon. Hunters are more at home in the forests than anywhere else, recuperating at a much faster rate while resting in their preferred environment.

Red Edit

Chaos Mage Masters of fire and destructive magic, Chaos Mages hurl deadly fireballs at enemies, and draw on the power of stone to protect themselves.
Barbarian Incredibly skilled in combat, barbarians wield weapons in both hands to lethal effect, and possess some ability at weapon and armour repair.

Blue Edit

Shaper Shaper is the class of evasion and protective spells, followers, Shapeshifting and has some impressive offense to boot. This makes Shaper one of the most versatile classes in Dominia Mud.
Trickster Masters of location magic and thiefly arts, these characters can work as thieves, card sharps and professional seers.

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Necromancer Masters of death, these grim wizards can call back the souls of the dead, animate their fallen foes, and even drain life energy from unlucky mortals.
Assassin A master of stealth, the assassin can strike and vanish before onlookers (or the victim) realise that he's killed someone. He kills for coin and takes a sadistic pleasure in it.

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Paladins are crusaders against evil in all of its forms. They have some healing abilities, and are as formidable in armed combat as dedicated warriors, helped by their combat magic and protective spells.

Priest Empowered and protected by their gods, priests draw on their holy powers to heal the needy, and protect the world from chaos.

Colourless Edit

Artificer Creators of mechanical devices and artifical life, artificers are familiar with artifacts and other magical and mundane objects, and can create and repair almost anything.

Saboteurs are demolition specialists and thieves. Saboteurs can build a range of explosives from molotov cocktails to acid and magma powered landmines. Saboteurs also have access to some of the best damage enhancing equipment in the game.