Quick Guide Using a telnet client, you can connect to Dominia MUD on the following address and port:

Server Address:
 Server Port Address: 3333

Detailed Guide (Windows) Edit

There are several applications you can use to connect to Dominia MUD. We suggest using the free ssh/telnet client: Putty.

  1. Download and install Putty:Download.
  2. Run putty.exe - you should be presented with a 'PuTTY Configuration' window.
  3. Simply add the Server Address (above) into the Host Name field, and the Server Port (above) into the Port field. Select 'Telnet' as the Connection Type, and then add a name (any name is fine, something you can identify Domina with) into the Saved Sessions field, and click Save.
  4. Now all you should need to do is double click the Session Name you used, and it will begin to connect.
  5. When it connects, you should be presented with a Message of the Day. It will then ask you for your account name, if you are new, simply enter your name, and then it will prompt you for a password to use.
  6. After the accounts stuff is done, you'll be presented with a list of menu options to proceed with playing.
  7. have fun!